Grow your business with email & viewer analytics.

We develop, design, build, grow and market using account nurturing technology backed by data collection technology.

The UI is clean and initiative; I was able to start collecting emails from my marketing pages within minutes.

Lassie Chester

DIRECTOR , MakeShift Marketing LLC

Widen your net of inbound customers.

Growing a business is never easy, but by growing your company's customer email list can be. Nurturing your opted in customers, your campaigns perform stronger, with better results, compared to simply sending out a cold blast.

Build your online marketing like a boss.

Your company's email list is an asset.


Get in front of your customers where they already are : your website. Collect their information in an extra friendly way to turn viewers into emails.


Even the best strategies would be nothing without a way to measure success. Use our platform's built in reporting to gain key decision making power.


Social is where everyone stays up to date. Use our magnets to interact with your customers. Online and through sharing.


Do more than your competition by gaining one of a kind technology support in your generation's needs.


Our backups have backups, our fortifications have been fortified and we live in the cloud. Your data will stay there too until you want it.


If you ever need help, we're simply a dial away. Use our support team to grow your understanding of our platform & rise above the rest.

Collect & grow customers.

Create & deliver data-driven customer experiences that achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Our platform makes it easy to strategize your UX design, UI design faster & without worry.

Your viewers into customers.

Platform Pricing

These plans fit well, but for those on a growth spurt we also offer custom plans & integrations.

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Best option for small businesses, start ups and solo projects

10 Forms
Auto-Clean Data
Collect Behaviors
1 SMTP Account
12,000 Credits per Month
1 Domain
1 User
100K Contacts



Best option for companies who want to scale up quickly

Unlimited Forms
Auto-Clean Data
Collect Behaviors
10 SMTP Accounts
40,000 Credits per Month
10 Domains
10 Users
1M Contacts



Best option for those who want to have it all with concierge service

Unlimited Forms
Auto-Clean Data
Collect Behaviors
50 SMTP Accounts
100,000 Credits per Month
50 Domains
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Contacts
Includes 1-on-1 Setup
Account Manager

Details & FAQ

Here is a helpful list of definitions & frequently asked questions (with answers)

What are Credits?

Email Credits are spent on verifying an email address as deliverable. After an Email address is cleaned you will be able to see the if it can be delivered to, whether it is role based, if it is part of a spam trap or temporary inbox.

When are Credits Used?

These credits are used only when email data leaves the platform. Specifically only when you download an email list that has been cleaned or request that a new email list is cleaned.

What are SMTP Accounts?

These are accounts that can send email when someone fills out your magnet form.

Email sent with SMTP is supported for customizing the sender.

How does a Magnet Form Work?

A Magnet Form is any form where the viewer has to sign up in order to get "something"

(a pdf for example); Turning a viewer into an email address usually requires a trade. & this is the form that facilitates just that.

Funnel your data gathering from multiple sources to create a single source of customer, automatically.

“This is a tool we haven't been used before, but it makes both our lives and the lives of our customers much easier. We added our magnet & then visitors started turning into leads & customers. Since our move we now have a way better pipeline.”

Mark Johnson, CMO

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